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Blockchain Advantages

Distributed database shared among closed group of network participants.
Very difficult if not impossible to compromise or alter data. Helps to prevent fraud and unauthorized activity.
Accurate history of transactions helps to verify the authenticity of data and prevent fraud.
Active/Total nodes
Best block
Last block

BIA Platform

As good and trusted as Ethereum only faster and cheaper
Fixed Fees
Unlike public blockchains with volatile cryptocurrencies transaction fees on BIA Platform are fixed and do not change.
Faster Transactions
With restricted access of only trusted members and unique consensus algorithm BIA Platform is able to handle more than 10000 transactions per second.
Closed Membership
Access to BIA Blockchain is limited to the members of BIA Alliance their partners and clients.
Advanced Consensus
BIA-CAR - hybrid consensus developed specifically for private blockchains combines Proof of Connect, Proof of Authority and Proof of Record algorithms.
Open APIs
BIA Platform offers documented APIs for seamless integration with legacy and traditional non-blockchain systems.
Pre-built DAPPs
There are pre-built already tested in production applications for generic use cases. The number of applications grows with the growth of BIA Platform Adoption.